Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dragonflies at the river

I'm Back...Sorry I have been MIA!!! Not much happening around the Ville to report....Nothing much to photograph!! But on Saturday I took Kirrily to the river so that she could take some photos with her new camera OLYMPUS U Tough 8000, 12 MP and Waterproof to 10 mtrs! Her friend has an older model and she loved it so she wanted one. Now she won't have to borrow mine all the time!!! Here are just a couple of her photos!!! I love the Weir so much!!! And another blue dragonfly

I took mine along as well and sat at the rivers edge (hoping a croc wouldn't jump out of the water) and took heaps and heaps of photos of Dragonflies!!! Mostly blue ones today....the red ones are so fast!!!!! I even got a dragonfly couple being intimate on a smoke packet and then flying off to a dried up piece of cow s#*!!!

I have some more to share with your from my day at Bowen yesterday so I will hopefully upload them a bit later!!! SeaScapes! Looking forward to sharing more photographs with you all, in the mean time Happy Snapping! Point, Focus and Shoot!! Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. ohh wow!! how do ya get them to stay so still!!!

  2. I love your coloured dragonflies. We get common old garden variety grey ones here, and I am sure they never land anywhere, Lol.
    I love the one with the reflection behind it. Looking forward to seeing the ones from Bowen as well.

  3. Oh i just adore those dragonfly pics shazzy

  4. Shaz, you are funny - risking being eaten by a croc to get photos of dragonflies sin compromising positions - lol.

    Good to see your DD taking the plunge with a new camera!

  5. Good to see you're back and updating this one too! Hopefully it is a sign that your horrible month is over!!