Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sunset at Abel Point Marina!

Morning....Hope this finds you all well!!! I am feeling 100% since I have been on the drugs and breathing all that Sea air! Sorry I didn't load these as promised yesterday...I lost a day completely!!! Think it must have had something to do with that Sea air. Yeh about 2.40 yesterday I realised it was Tues not Monday and I had completely forgotten about Scrapbooking Classes that I had to do in less than 3 hrs! LOL!!! Yeh I am going insane I am sure of it!!!

So here are my photos from Sunday afternoon/night at the beach! Hopefully my sunset will rivals Sue today! Love your Sunsets Sue....I finally had somewhere nice to take some sunset photos! This first photo was the view from the Beach House
These next 7 photos are from the actual boardwalk around Abel Point Marina..
they have the boat show there this weekend.

And the last but not least is from a jetty near that sailing club where we went for tea and listened to a Jazz Band and a horrible singer! The band were great but OMG that singer I could not understand a word she was singing!
Well that is all from me for a while...I am off to Brisbane/Gold Coast tomorrow to stay with my friend Rach and her family! Lots of Scrapbooking will get done and lots and lots of catching up with all of my online friends!!! Hopefully I will have heaps and heaps of new photos to share with you when I return to the Ville!
Will Miss you all heaps and I look forward to catching up on all of your photos and blogs when I return home next Wed! So until then Happy Snapping! Point, Focus and Shoot!! Luv Shaz xoxo

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  1. Oh how wonderful,this is really beautiful photography sharon