Saturday, March 21, 2009

Creepy Crawlies

Well hello, and how are you all??? I am feeling a bit better! Today I think I am going to share some photos with you all that might just make you go weak in the knees!!! Creepy crawlies!! Just lots of photos...some not as clear as I would have liked but some of them I had never ever seen before!! Any clues as to there names can you fill me in please???

I took both of these first 2 photos with my GF's huge big camera and didn't really know what I had to do with it so I just hoped for the b
est, they look better when you make the photo full size so just click on them and that will happen.
Edited 22.3.09 - I have added a watermark to my photos compliments of Swirls & Flourishes for Adobe Photoshop 7.0 by Obsidian Dawn

A Plague of Locusts(Grass-hoppers) The grass was just covered in them
Then the locusts in full flight

This is a Ant nest at Bowen River after a flood

Some kinda bug crawling in my garden

A Bush bug near the Bowen River

Some kind of spider down by the Bowen River
And another spider in my garden in his huge web,
wished I could have got a better photo!!!
I am sorry that the quality is quite poor on some of these photos....But I told you I will just about take a photo of anything! Looking forward to sharing more photographs with you all, in the mean time Happy Snapping! Point, Focus and Shoot!! Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Nice photos dear!love how you captured the beauty of nature with your camera..though the 1st pc is kinda!

  2. Ewwww. Awesome pics of some creepy looking critters.
    No way in this big wide world would you find me that close to those ants. Eeeek.
    Love the watermark, glad you figured it out.

  3. Just lovin lookin at your pics!! You really inspired me on my holiday. We walked the beaches and I kept getting left behind cos I was down on my knees taking photos with Macro of 'stuff' I wouldn't normally notice!! We took about 2500 photos between the four of us!!Have burnt them all to disc and will eventually add some to my blog. Thanx for your inspiration!!