Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nature at it's best

Here are some of my photos of Nature at it's best!!!

Storm clouds & Sunset out my front door
Bowen River Weir flood waters cascading over retaining wall Feb 08
Ulysses Butterfly in flight at Lake Barrine FNQ
The beautiful Millaa Millaa Falls FNQ
Mirror image of the Daintree River/Mountains/Sky
These are just a sample of the kind of photos I like to take...Nature spots are my favorites! Please feel free to check out my photos anytime you wish, I would love it if you became a follower and left me comment if you desire. Looking forward to sharing my photographs....Happy Snapping. Point, Focus and Shoot!!
Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Hey Hun!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog with me and everyone else. Great photo's hun, love them all and so brought back memories of where I was born. We lived up the road from the Milla Milla falls when I was a young tike!

    Thanks heaps hun, will look forward to following this blog of yours too.

    Mwah & Hugs Angie xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Amazing photography work hun xxx

  3. love your photos Shaz will pop in often for a look Lexie oxo

  4. Beautiful pics Shaz. Look forward to more of them!

  5. Thanks for visiting and commenting Angie, Lys, Lexie and Tracey looking forward to sharing some more of my photos with you all!
    Angie I love FNQ except for all the rain! Beautiful part of QLD! Luv Shaz xoxo

  6. Just beautiful Shaz!! Looking forward to seeing more!! Love Pauly xx