Saturday, May 30, 2009

Awww Thanks Sheri and finally some photos..LOL!

Awww Thanks to the sweet Sheridan Rose....I love your blog darlin and Thank you for loving mine!!! I will display this award with pride and display it forever!
Girls you should go over to Sheri's blog and check out the gorgeous photo of her on there today!!! She is so beautiful!

Now who do I give this award to.....Let me think who makes me smile every time I go to their blog????? Thinking thinking....Ohhh I know!!!

Very sorry I have neglected this blog of late...been really unwell and not taking many photos at all!!! I have heaps of photos to share but just haven't felt like posting them!!! I am sorry to my followers and anyone who usually visits my blog.

Here is something stimulate you visuals and appreciate nature at it's very best! These are photos of my cycad about to sprout new leaves! Most of these were taken by my darling hubby who got up on the roof to take photos looking down into the cycad.

These are when I went outside about midday...they look totally different now hey? These are my fav's!!!
Looking forward to sharing more photographs with you all, in the mean time Happy Snapping! Point, Focus and Shoot!! Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. Wow, Wow and Wow, these are beautiful, totally awe inspiring photos. Love the lot of them, your garden must be full of some wonderful plants. I only know how to grow weeds, so not a gardener of any sort.
    Well done Barry getting up on the roof to take the great pics, hope virtigo didn't get you.
    Hope you are feeling much better now Shaz, there is nothing worse than not feeling your best.

  2. love all the photos...hope you are feeling much better today.....thank you so much for the blog award....oxo

  3. wow, thanks so much. its so nice to be appreciated like that......
    this blog is fab.....hope you gave your hubby a harness to climb on the roof lol...

  4. Fantastic photos Shazz, well done hubby for climbing on the roof!! Wouldn't find anything like that in my garden!!

  5. wow...really fabby shots girl...amazing plants...ohhh..thanks for my your blog to bits too...take care...hope you are well on your way to