Sunday, May 3, 2009

Flowers From My Garden and my Shutter entry

Sorry I have been away for so long....I have been busy with my personal & scrapping blog(no scrapping unfortunately)....Please check out all the fun at CreativeMe68 to celebrate my blog's 1st birthday - 6 plus RAK's to be given away this month!!! Random prize draw today, so check it out if you wanna win!!!

Now getting back to matters at hand here on my photography blog - What to share with you today...Flowers from my Garden & Vegie Patch! We had a very beneficial vegie garden in 2007! We did companion planting to combat the bugs.So we planted Marigolds and Garlic beside and in between the vegies.
I hate the smell of marigolds but I love their vibrancy as seen in these 2 different coloured varieties and these have water droplets from the hose.

Hope these photos inspire you to take photos of your vegie garden too!!!

And now don't laugh at me but this week over at Shutter, they want you to take a photo of something you can't live without- My first thoughts were of my DH & My Beautiful children and then my mind ran off to chocolate, so then I asked DD what she thought that I couldn't live without and and here is what she said that she thought I couldn't live without!!! And I think I would have to agree! I love the computer and the internet! Thank You Big Pond!!!

Looking forward to sharing more photographs with you all, in the mean time Happy Snapping! Point, Focus and Shoot!! Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. hi, thankyou for putting me on your list :) i love some of the photos you have on here, especially the one at the bottom with the rocks and the water! very pretty :)
    Hope you drop by my page again, i would love to see you there!
    Check out this post i put if you havnt seen it already:

  2. LOL I can't help laughing at your choice of object that you can't live without!!!

    Love those bright, yellow flowers too. They're gorgeous. Also, I think I recognize a few of those photos from the parade in the slide show at the top. I hope they weren't too hopeless. I don't take very good photos normally.

  3. HEHE i'm laughing cause i agree with you!!! i cant live without my internet either!!! that way i can chat with you everyday xxx
    Love the photos on your slideshow. i remember work talking about it when i was still there. i wonder who ended up playing dorothy :) every one looks awesome! hope u had a good day!!!