Friday, May 8, 2009

Sorry for my absence and Woo Hoo 15 followers!!!

Hope this post finds everybody healthy & happy today!!! I am sorry for my absence, I have been busy over at my Scrapbooking blog!
Lots of fun and games and RAK's to be won this month to celebrate it's 1st Bday!!
OMG I woke up this morning to find that I had my 15th follower, Thanks Emily!

Not that much has been happening in the photo department at the moment,
I have been very slack! This Saturday I am heading into Bowen for a camera course, Taking Your Camera Off Auto! So hopefully I will learn lots of new stuff and start to take some more photos.

The first two are inspired by looking at Sue's gorgeous photos earlier this morning. There are so many things I love about Sue's photography but the thing I love the most is Sue's Sunsets....They are just gorgeous!!! Today's inspirations from Sue was this lil tiny dragonfly on her bright orange flower (Yeh I had to look for him Sue) And always her beautiful sunsets that she takes...Yesterday's photos were so stunning with the sun and pine trees and smoke haze.
So girls go check out Sue's blog and become a follower of hers you won't be disappointed!!!

The first is this lil dragonfly on the dead leaf litter at the river! Can you see him?

Then the next one is also inspired by Sue's blog....Of the glowing red sun during the bushfires.

Then the next 3 are of the fog that was hanging around, So of course I had to go take photos of it! And I am really happy with the one with all the trees and sun just starting to break over the horizon
Hope these photos inspire at least one of you to grab their camera and head out into this beauiful landscape of ours and take some photos too.Looking forward to sharing more photographs with you all, in the mean time Happy Snapping! Point, Focus and Shoot!! Luv Shaz xoxo


  1. ohh wow!!!!
    they are absoloutly awsome i REALLY love the one with the trees and the sun too!!

  2. Gorgeous photos Shaz, found ya lil dragonfly! My fave from this lot is the sun breaking through those trees, love it!! I check Sues all the time, love her sunsets!!

  3. Hey, thanks for meantioning my blog.
    Great photos today.
    I too love the one with the sun breaking through the trees.
    How do you train dragonflies to sit still long enough for a photo. I scare them away before I get near them.

  4. Lovely photos (as always!) I have to agree with Pauly about the sun through the foggy trees photo being my favourite. Have fun at the course!